Epoché VI, Ep. 5: Levels of Organic Life and the Human, Chapter IIIa (Plessner)

Date: 4th March 2022

Presenter: Sebastjan Vörös

Chapter: III. The Thesis (first half, 75 – 93)

*featured image: Black hellebore, Helleborus niger (sl. črni teloh) indicates that the ground is calciferous. A forest above Rake east of river Kolpa is lush with mostly purple-flowering specimens; here and there, one can find a white-flowering one with only a slight tinge of pink. Usually, it is the other way round.

Here is an interesting bite of information about its folklore that I’ve found on the Wikipedia: “In the Middle Ages, people strewed the flowers on the floors of their homes to drive out evil influences. They blessed their animals with it and used it to ward off the power of witches. These same people believed, however, that witches employed the herb in their spells and that sorcerers tossed the powdered herb into the air around them to make themselves invisible.”