Neither Beast nor Angel: The Reflective Scientist and the Life-Mind Problem (Sebastjan Vörös)

A lecture by Sebastjan Vörös delivered at the international conference “Enaction in perspective and foresight” (August 2021) organized by GRIMTÉ. The full program and other lectures available here:
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Sebastjan Vörös is Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy (University of Ljubljana). In 2008, he graduated in English Language and Literature, and Philosophy (double-major study programme), and in 2015 he graduated in History. From 2010 to 2013, he was employed as a Junior Researcher at the University of Ljubljana, where he successfully defended his doctoral thesis, which was later published in a book form (The Images of the Unimaginable: (Neuro)Science, Phenomenology, Mysticism). His main areas of research include philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, epistemology, philosophy of religion, phenomenology, and radical constructivism.