Epoché VI, Ep. 10: Levels of Organic Life and the Human, Chapter Vb (Plessner)

Date: 13th May 2022

Presenter: Sebastjan Vörös

Book: Plessner, Helmuth. Levels of Organic Life and the Human.

Chapter: V. The Organizational Modes of Living Being: Plants and Animals (second half, 196-218)

*featured image: Montpellier milkvetch (Astragalus monspessulanus, poslovenjeno montpellierski grahovec) is a legume (fam. Fabaceae) with a native range spanning from Northwest Africa and Spain throughout South Europe to the Balkan peninsula and Ukraine. Its flowers are visited by different butterfly species, e.g., Pieris brassicae (cabbage butterfly, sl. kapusov belin), Euchloe ausonia (eastern dappled white) and Gonepteryx rhamni (brimstone, sl. Gonepteryx rhamni). The genus’ name Astragalus has its etymological roots in the Old Greeks’ belief that these plants have a beneficial effect on goat milk production. I took the above picture in April near Podgorica, Montenegro.