Moritz Kriegleder

Presenting: Moritz Kriegleder

One of the speakers at The Organic and the Normative conference, taking place between July 30–August 1, 2024 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is going to be Moritz Kriegleder.

Moritz Kriegleder is a cognitive scientist at the University of Vienna, working as a doctoral researcher in the ERC group “Possible Life,” With a background in physics, cognitive science, and philosophy of science, he investigates mathematical models of cognition and their link to subjective experience. His interest in the free energy principle, enactivism and the methods of neurophenomenology led him to investigate how we construct self models and update them when acquiring novel information. His main aim is to strengthen the link between philosophical and mathematical methods in cognitive science and he ascribes to continuously practicing epistemic humility.

Highlighted Article

Kriegleder, M. (2023). Divide & Rule: The Future of Enactivism. Constructivist Foundations19(1).

Meyer & Brancazio’s article provides a strict categorization of enactivist research that can lead to productive foundational discussions but risks leaving out enactive perspectives that do not fit into the two categories. I discuss what will fall through the grid of the utopian and scientific split and how the exchange of philosophical and empirical methods is an essential part of all scientific models.